This is Horizon Hosting's legal area, here you can find all important documents and webpages that are about the legal side of our company. All documents here are provided with a timestamp of when they where last updated to ensure that you have the most recent version, this can be located in each individual file, it can also be found above the hyperlink to the destination labeled "L/U: (date)".

All policies are reviewed annually, however they may be reviewed at other times depending on certain circumstances. We will notify all users with accounts if any policies have been updated.

If you wish to contact us for any legal issues or advice please email [email protected] or use the ticket system on the billing panel.

List of Legal Documents & Webpages

Terms and Conditions

L/U: 02/07/2021

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Privacy Policy

L/U: 18/11/2021

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Acceptable Use Policy

L/U: 24/10/2021

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Refund Policy

L/U: 21/08/2022

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